Case Management

The ability to access quality medical assistance is of vital importance when a medical emergency occurs, especially abroad. As the local representatives of many international insurance companies, IMA administers medical cases, covering all steps, from the first call, through coordinating the treatment process, to providing the best possible medical care available.
From routine medical treatment to highly complex case management, IMA ensures that the care provided is timely, efficient, client-centered and cost-effective.

IMA delivers a comprehensive solution and administers the entire process as smooth as possible with our case management services:

  • Swift and reassuring customer support – IMA's call center is on standby around the clock, delivering immediate advocacy, advice and guidance from the first moment of contact. Our highly professional, multi-lingual and experienced staff offers empathy alongside medical expertise in times of need.
  • Implementing and coordinating patient care – IMA coordinates medical treatment tailored to respond to customer's needs and desires:
    • Arranging a doctor's visit to your insured members place of stay, who provides careful assessment of the medical situation
    • Coordinating medical appointments to renowned experts across a comprehensive range of medical specializations
    • Referring to an appropriate medical facility and arranging hospital admission

    We provide a detailed report on every step to the insurance company.

  • Communicating with local medical providers:
    • IMA has close contacts with Israel's leading hospitals, enabling us to liaise at all time with physicians, nurses, medical facilities and provide our customers with clinical information and medical records.
    • Our medical professionals will obtain a full understanding of the situation and begin to daily monitor the patient's condition, in order to minimize excessive length of stay. We relay necessary information about on-going treatment plan until the situation is resolved, and the member is either able to resume travel or fit to fly.
    • Guarantee of payment to medical facilities, on behalf of the insurance company
    • Cost containment – medical bills verification
  • Evaluating the options – certain medical situations require that a patient be repatriated back home. IMA's medical staff evaluates the patient’s medical needs and is capable to arrange a medical transportation worldwide. Depending on the patient's medical situation, we assist in identifying the optimal way of transport – air ambulance or commercial flight under supervision of a nurse or a doctor on the return home.

There is always a medical expert on hand to assist your insured members in times of need and protect the interests of your insurance company.