About us

I.M.A (International Medical Assistance) is the leading and biggest medical assistance company in Israel specializing in all types of medical assistance aspects to Israeli travels abroad and travelers coming to visit Israel.

Our highly experienced medical teams are prepared to go on a mission immediately with a high end and the latest state of the art medical equipment suited for medical flights.

The company was establish in 2001 and since then has gained vast experience and tens of thousands of cases of hospital admission and medical flights worldwide.

For years, our headquarter receives hundreds of calls each day from Israeli travelers in need for medical assistance and medical escorting making us the most professional, reliable and efficient company in our filled- A One Stop Shop that provides to its private customers and also insurance companies customers and privately tailored-made service.

International Medical Collaborations   

In order to supply quality service to all of our customers, IMA cooperates and collaborates with prime hospitals, medical clinics and local assistance companies worldwide. These companies are on call 24/7 and are recruited by us in order to provide the best medical flights with professional personal medical escort in a commercial and private flights in the course of stabilizing the patient conditions and supporting him until he arrives to a hospital in Israel. 


The IMA assistance center is an advanced technological center equipped with the latest technological dedicated CRM system.

In order to enable to worldwide assistances with the fastest response time. Our teams are on call and are multi lingual, 24/7 by phone call, WhatsApp and skype. 

The IMA assistance call center is run by a highly proportional team and includes dozens of assistance, most of them are medical students from the Tel Aviv University medical school that underwent professional and dedicated training efficiently and quickly.

The company team 

  • Guy Karmon- CEO

Graduate B.A of Public Health and second degree of medical management from the Ben-Gurion University. Graduate of the "Maccabi health systems executive reserve" and established IMA in 2001 and has been CEO since then.

  • Dr Eran Tal-Or- medical director

The Head of the Emergency department at the "Baruch Padeh Medical Center Poriya". Dr Tal-Or is also the chairman of the Israeli "Union of emergency physicians" 

  • Sigal Gotlieb – Manager of the assistance center

Paramedic, Studied marine biology at the "Rupin Collage" 

Our insurance company customers